“Families can be divided forever”

My Mom is a convert and the only member of the Mormon Church in her family.

My mom was conscious to the fact that she was offending her family by getting married in the temple.  Then when my siblings got married, her family wasn’t allowed to go then either.  I was alive for my siblings’ weddings.  I saw that my Mom’s family came to the reception with a smile. But there had to be a hurt beneath that smile.

They must have longed to be in the temple with the couple. Families stand together in hardships and in times of joy.  The Mormon Church prevented some of my family from experiencing perhaps the most joyous moment of my siblings’ life.  If I were a non-mormon excluded from one of my family member’s temple wedding I would be suspicious. Are they sacrificing chickens in there or something?

The Mormon Church doesn’t need to exclude non-members from Temple Weddings. They can plausibly be included.

Understanding the words of the ceremony does not require any knowledge of the Endowment.

I think that non-mormons could be mature about the clothing. I think people are comfortable with religious clothing. Jews wear it publicly. Muslims wear it publicly. We see preachers and priests walk about in clerical vestments. Things become normal if we see them frequently. By allowing people to attend mormon weddings, I think that it will go a long way to make Mormon temple clothing seem less strange to outsiders. (Call me crazy but I actually like the Mormon Temple clothes!)

Any especially sacred symbols can be covered with a white cloth.

A non-mormon would “feel the Spirit” if they were permitted to attended.  Temple Weddings are beautiful in their own way.  The mirrors, the altar, the talk given before the ceremony, the clothing, and the kiss can inspire.

Now imagine what the presence of those who cannot presently attend would add to the spirit of the wedding. The couple could feel the love of all those they love in that very room and not from the waiting room. Imagine the babies crying and the children laughing in the sealing room.  It would be a celebration that families can be together forever.

I don’t blame my family for doing what good mormons are told to do.  (get married in the temple)  Rather I wish the Mormon Church Leadership could open their minds to this possiblity.  I know this is wishful thinking but I think that Mormon Temple Weddings in the fashion I have proposed would have made my own extended family feel included in our lives.


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