“Every Member a Missionary!”

Despite the “trial of faith” I had as a teenager in high school, I was excited about sharing the gospel.

Almost everyday, I’d brought it up in a conversation.  For instance, there was a Jew in my high school history class. He mentioned something about Israel. I told him how the Mormons believe that they are Israelites too. I did two things wrong; I didn’t stick to the basics and I was way overbearing.

Word got around that I was spreading the “good news” and I became labeled “the Mormon”. Some other Mormons in my high school heard about my “teachings”. One of them confronted me.  She told me that her friends thought that the church was a cult because I had said some disturbing things. Both Mormons and Non-Mormons alike shunned me from social life.

Deep down though, my motivation for talking to my classmates was my desire to make them Mormons. I believed that I had been called on a mission to my High School.  When I met anyone, I imagined what they would be like with the “Mormon glow.”

There was a gay kid in one of my classes and I had a crush on him. One day I went swimming and I imagined him getting baptized. Then I dreamed that the Lord would permit us to have a relationship. I scolded myself and went back to thinking about him getting baptized.

I wanted one of my high school teachers to get baptized. He was a middle-aged smart, and humble man. He was by far my favorite teacher. I imagined that he could give many talents to the church. When I went on my mission, I wrote a letter to him explaining what I was doing but I never sent it. 

As a missionary. I taught investigators who I learned to love for who they were. I didn’t really care that they weren’t Mormon.  I had an investigator who had seen Joseph Smith on Southpark and made fun of him but we became good friends. I had another grandmotherly investigator who believed in things I had never heard before.  I learned to appreciate her for her beliefs.  My desire to make the World Mormon diminished!

When I came back from my mission, I spent some time with a non-member family member. We had a good time. After that, I was chatting with one of my Mormon family members who said that it would be amazing if that non-member family member were a Mormon.  I didn’t really respond but inside I was thinking “No it wouldn’t.”



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