Afraid to be Persauded

I remember watching Bill Maher come onto the Fox News Channel to discuss his movie “Religulous.” He was hosted by Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee told Maher that Faith should be open to inspection and criticism. Well said Huckabee!

Mormons shut the door to inspection and criticism.  Some openly acknowledge that they are afraid of being persuaded and losing their faith.

We demonize critcism labeling it as “anti-mormon.”  Want to know a little secret?  Criticism of Mormonism is published either by scholars who do it out of academic integrity and Christians who do it out of  sincere love. They are not out to get you.

If Mormons only believe that the Church is true then they should be open to the possibilty that they are wrong.  Believing in the Church is like choosing to buy a car. Buyers want to know about possible defects.  If Mormons through their study find out that they can’t believe in Mormonism than they have come closer to truth.

On the other hand if Mormons know that the Church is true as I believed I once did than nothing they find out from critics of the Church can change what they know.

Why are Mormons afraid?

Having been a Mormon, I understand at least part of the reason.  Mormons are comfortable believing in the Church.  Mormons shut the door to “facts” and “persuasion” afraid of leaving the comfort zone of the Church.


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