The Millenium Begins Today

Mormons believe that Jesus will come and initiate a thousand year period of peace upon the Earth.  During this millenium, there will be no war.  The LDS Church will fill the whole Earth.  Temples will be constructed everywhere. 

Some Mormons believe that they will live to see the beginning of this epoch of peace.  I don’t blame them for thinking so.  The scriptures record that before the millenium, there will be wars and rumors of wars. There will be natural disasters and the world will decline morally.

Mormons look at the Wars in which we are engaged and see the hurricanes and the diseases.  They use these to justify that the millenium is fast approaching.  They look at the recent revolution in views about sexuality and claim that the World will descend into a moral condition worse than it was in the days of Noah.

However, Diseases and natural disasters have always occurred. (Although I will concede that natural disasters could occur more frequently as a result of global warming).  War has been the history of man since the beginning of our species. 

I am more optimistic about the future than my Mormon friends.  I actually believe that while there is much immorality in the World, we are improving morally.  In recent centuries, we have overcome much racism, we have established the ideals of human rights, we have done much to fight inequality, we  have become more religiously tolerant, and we have established democracy in many parts of the World.  I believe that these are moral improvements.  The future seems bright.

Mormons are right to assume that sexual morality is different than it was back in the “old days.” I don’t know that I want “old days” sexual morality.  You know they used to force gays to stay in the closet.  Just because sexual morality has changed doesn’t mean we don’t have it anymore.  I don’t think there are more people cheating on their spouses  today than there were back in my grandpa’s days.

I really want mankind to overcome its heritage.  Let’ stop waiting for the millenium to solve our World’s ills.  I think God wants us to solve them ourselves.  The millenium begins today.


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