As a Non believing Mormon

I am still a member of the church but I don’t believe in it. In my time as a nonbelieving mormon the Mormon church has been screwing people and I’ve been there to watch it.

I am getting pressure from the ward executive secretary to go to tithing settlement. I have not paid a cent the whole year. If I were to go I would have to pay a lot to be considered a full tithe payer. The church is not worth that much money to me. It never hit me how much my parents and grandparents sacrificed in tithing all their lives until now. The thought made me sick to my stomach. The church accepted the sacrifice of my family willingly and expects everyone to pay up. It feels like a scam.

A few months ago I attended a Ward Conference. During the Priesthood meeting, a member of the Stake Presidency spoke. He told us that there were people in the room that had problems with pornography. He said that they would never receive forgiveness unless they went to their Bishop and told him about their sin. In that moment couldn’t believe that I once believed that crap. I once thought that a Church ought to monitor and control my sex life. I pity anyone who felt like I once did because of the President’s talk.

I respect Mormons but in some ways the Mormon Church damages lives.


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