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Discovering the Meaning of My First Secular Christmas

Christmas music has a special place in my heart. When I got to high school, I joined choir. Once we performed “Oh Come, Oh Come Emanuel” during a concert. We stood in a dark room holding candles. It hit me was that Jesus’ death brought light to dark places of my sins. This Christmas season, memories …

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Born again again

Life is a series of “born again” experiences: these are experiences in which you come to believe in something so strongly that it defines your life.  When I was a teenager, I was “born again.”  Then as a missionary, I was “born again again.” In Mormonism one is made to feel guilty about sexual activity …

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The Unjust Atonement

I cannot accept Mormonism at all because I cannot accept the Atonement of Christ. It is the most basic principle of Mormonism; Jesus paid the price for our sins.  I remember going to an EFY where the director stood up and announced that Christ had suffered everything that a man could suffer to pay that penalty. He …

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